The digital kit program offers a wide range of digital solutions for freelancers and small and medium-size businesses. These government aid are extremely useful for those businesses that wish to position themselves in the digital market . Next, we will tell you a little about this digital transformation plan and why you should not miss the opportunity to obtain it. What is the digital kit program? Through next generation eu funds , the government has create the plan known as digital kit . An aid program that intends to provide small and medium-size spanish companies with technological tools . The european fund has grante more than 140,000 million with the aim of revitalizing the spanish economy. All this due to the consequences derived from the pandemic to the population and the economy.

Everyone who wishes to apply

The program must meet the following conditions: be up to date with social security and tax obligations. Not be immerse in any of the prohibitions provided for in the general subsidies law . Do not exceed the aid limit of €200,000. Be registered in the census of businessmen, professionals Sweden WhatsApp Number Data and withholders of the state tax administration agency. What are the digital solutions offer by the program? The various solutions, organize into different categories, offer by this aid program for smes and that digitizing agents will have available are: digital presence web page . Creation of websites with a professional design, adapt to any device and perfectly optimize for search engines. And, ultimately, it allows us to meet the needs of clients. Electronic commerce . Creation and design of a functional e-commerce to buy or sell products and/or services, which has all the digital means to streamline commercial transactions.

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Social network management

It consists of the creation and/or management of profiles on social networks of your sme. Through them, the consolidation of the brand is sought, as well as the loyalty of the community. Business management customer management (crm) . The management of relationships with Argentina WhatsApp Number List customers and suppliers is optimiz through specialize software . Thus, the company’s internal processes are streamline. Process management (erp). Through technological tools , the operational or productive processes of your sme will be automate. In this way, processes are streamline and optimize, increasing productivity. Business intelligence and analytics. With the support of digital services experts , the company’s data will be fully exploite. This aims to improve decision making and campaigns to reach more customers. Electronic bill . Using modern billing software, invoices can be issue much faster.


The digital solutions covered by the aid program for smes


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