Both micro-smes and the self-employe can apply for digital kit subsidies and subsequently receive digital solutions , which will allow them to digitally transform their economic activities. It is undeniable that new digital information technologies provide companies with great advantages. Some examples are the expansion of markets, reduction of operating costs, automation of customer management, resource management, etc. What are kit digital grants? The european union approv a comprehensive economic recovery plan of 800,000 million euros in 2020. This medium-term plan is called next generation eu and will be implement in the period of time between 2021 and 2025. Of that fund, spain has allocate 140,000 million euros, of which about 3,000 million are for the sme digitalization plan . Finally, the digital kit is part of the sme digitalization plan.

The digital kit is a non-refundable

Aid program for smes and the self-employe, administere and directe by the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation. The digital kit specifies the type of digital services that will be offer to smes and the amounts of the digital voucher that will cover their costs. Smes, micro-smes and the self-employed it is estimate that 95% of companies Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data in spain are smes and that they generate 90% of employment. But only 17% of these companies have a good level of development or digital maturity . Therefore, the impact of the digital kit in spain can be very great. In the european union, each of these types of companies has been clearly define. Smes are small companies that have between 10 and 49 employees. On the other hand, microsmes are those companies that have between 3 and 9 employees. Finally, those companies that have between 0 and 2 employees are considere self-employe.

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Digital services covered by kit digital grants

The maximum amounts of kit digital subsidies for each company depend on its size. For each sme the sum of the digital kit can reach 12,000 euros. On the other hand, in microsmes the subsidy can reach 6,000 euros. Finally, in the case of the self-employed, the subsidy can be up to 2,000 euros. It is important to clarify that digital kit subsidies do not cover hardware Latvia WhatsApp Number List expenses, but rather expenses related to software and online services. On the other hand, in cases where expenses exceed the digital bonus , the company must cover the difference. Each of the most important digital solutions in the digital kit are detailed below : digital transformation with website design every presence on the internet is based on a website adapted to the particular needs of each company. The digital kit grants include the design, implementation, positioning and hosting of a website. The digital voucher for this entire service is a maximum of 2000 euros.

The digital kit subsidies for the self-employed and micro-smes


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