As major sites that seem to have financial resources, and it is highly likely that the price per listing is soaring. Wedding venue websites tend to focus on images such as photos , and many lack functionality to help users find the information they need. There is a high possibility that you can increase the number of customers you attract from search engines by targeting keywords such as ” Karuizawa church small group ” that are searched by users who have a certain specific image of their wedding. Summary of survey results and advice Keywords related to wedding halls are very popular in attracting customers online, but when it comes to big keywords like “wedding hall,” the strength of major portal sites stands out.

many portal sites ranked high for complex keywords

“wedding guest house Minato Ward,” and wedding hall sites seemed to be struggling to attract customers from search engines. The wedding venue Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data industry has multiple powerful portal sites. But what can wedding venue sites do to acquire more potential customers from their sites. We will explain this in conjunction with the user’s stage of searching for a wedding venue. As a premise, in the case of something that only happens once in a lifetime. Such as a wedding, it can be said that the knowledge on the user side is quite limit .

The first phase is to understand the overall impression

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The flow of deciding on a wedding venue is as shown in the diagram below. User stage of searching for a wedding venue_Friendly competition marketing . When Romania Phone Number List getting marry and deciding on a wedding venue. Most people don’t know how to search in the first place. “I’ve already decided on the location, but that’s not all I need to decide. So I start researching the type of wedding and how to choose a wedding venue. Keywords related to wedding halls also indicate. That users do not know how to choose or decide on a wedding venue in the first place. Wedding venue Related terms_How to choose a wedding venue.Friendly competition marketing. The keyword for this survey`wedding venue, is also a keyword search by users in the first phase of “I don’t know how to decide.” and as you can see from the survey results. Portal sites that provide a wide range of information rank highest.

There are many sites that are consistently listed at the top


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