What external measures  When creating an article, you have identified the keywords you want to target with SEO, but you are not sure how to deal with the numerous keywords, and what you can do to further increase the SEO effect of your site after optimizing the internals of your site. I’m sure many of you are wondering if it’s a good idea. This time, we will explain external measures, which are one of the measures to aim for higher ranking. table of contents 1What are external measures? 2Why are internal measures alone insufficient? 3Two important benefits that external measures bring to your site’s SEO FourPoints to note/risks regarding external measures.

There are valid backlinks and invalid backlinks

It is meaningless unless high-quality content” and high-quality backlinks4.3There are backlinks that are subject to penalties. FiveHow to get natural links 5.1Ask a Singapore WhatsApp Number Data friend or acquaintance to introduce you 5.2Create mutually introductory content between related services 5.3Contribution to external media 6summary What are external measures? External measures are a type of SEO measure that improves the SEO evaluation of the website by increasing the number of links it receives from other sites. It is also called external SEO, external link countermeasures, backlink countermeasures, and backlink countermeasures.

Why are internal measures alone insufficient

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To aim for higher rankings, you need to outperform your competition in the overall evaluation of “content,” “backlinks,” and “coding.” In addition to Norway Phone Number List`content” and “coding,” which are internal measures, “backlinks” also affect higher rankings. Although it can be break  down into three . It is said that there are over 200 evaluation items that search engines refer to when determining rankings. Therefore, no matter how good your internal  are. if you are inferior to your competitors in the overall evaluation including ex. it will be difficult to achieve a higher ranking. In cases where internal  are difficult or difficult to differentiate, it is especially important to strengthen external .

What external measures will you take to aim for higher rank


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